Outdoor Fashions from Beach to Backyard – Summer Trends for 2019

After a long winter, we all look forward to breaking out our summer outfits (or buying new ones) and heading outdoors. Outdoor fashions include different environments, from the beach to the backyard. Here are some of the fashion trends for outdoor fashions this summer.

  1. Outdoor Concerts
    With summer come outdoor concerts. These fun events are a great way to make an impression and enjoy the outdoors while taking in the show. Let go of the tanks and tees and put together something trendy this year. Here are some tips and suggestions for putting together a chic outfit for these events.

-Comfort is still important, especially if it’s a concert that will involve a lot of standing. So comfortable shoes are a must. While flip-flops are comfortable and trendy this year, they don’t offer much toe protection from a rowdy crowd. Go for simple flats or low boots.

-While you’re thinking of comfort, remember that even summer nights can get chilly. They can also get insect-intensive. Bring along a light jacket of denim or leather to outdoor concerts in 2012. This will help keep you comfortable as well as fashionable.

-Neon-colored shirts are not only trendy; they help you stand out in a crowd, which can be fashionable as well as helpful if you’re with a group! A cool, cotton tee in neon lime, pink, or orange will look great.

  1. Fairs and Festivals
    Like outdoor concerts, you’ll want to consider comfort at fairs and festivals, too. You’re usually on your feet most of the time at these events. Looking good in a crowd when it’s hot and sweaty can be a bit of a challenge, but you’re up for it! Here are some ideas.

-Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat to your favorite fairs and festivals. It provides sun protection, of course, but floppy-brimmed sun hats are also trendy in 2012. And for those who have a hard time keeping their hair looking good in sweat and heat, the hat solves (and covers) the problem.

-Cut it off! Cut-off shirts and shorts are said to be making a comeback in 2012. You can update your wardrobe by cutting off your existing tees, jeans, and shorts if you like.

-Long skirts and dresses are back in, and for those who aren’t fond of showing too much leg, that’s great news. Wear sandals and a long skirt to a fair or festival, and make a fashion statement while keeping cool and covering the legs.

  1. Backyard Barbecue
    The great American backyard barbecue and cook-out is a great way to celebrate summer. Show up as a fashionable guest or present yourself as a chic hostess with the newest 2012 trends.

-Floral-print dresses are in, and are perfect for the backyard. Knee-length or longer is the trend this year, especially with some bright bangle bracelets.

  1. On the Beach
    It’s not just the basic swimsuit out there!

-Halter-top swimsuits with a sarong that matches are the perfect 2012 beach look.

-Flip-flops are a beach standard, but this year they’re truly trendy, especially in colors that match your beachwear.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Summer 2012

In most discussions of fashion trends, men sometimes get left out in the cold (or, in this case, out in the summer heat). The fact is, there are all kinds of interesting trends going on in men’s fashion for summer 2012, from hot colors and patterns to innovative accessories. (Get ready for a new take on the neck tie.)

This summer, men’s fashion trends are heading toward pastels. Reminiscent of the 80s, when “preppy” was in, 2012’s pastels are showing up on suits, jackets, and even shorts. Men’s clothes are moving away from traditional neutrals and into color. Because it’s kind of new territory (at least for the younger generation), pastels are the hue of choice to “ease” into the world of color. Pastels can even be earthy and muted; they do not have to be bright, candy-like shades. So for men who are a bit uncomfortable with the colorful bit can start with subtle shades of light blue and lavender that have a gray undertone.

Blue seems to be dominating the scene of men’s fashion this summer, pastel and otherwise. Designers have included a lot of blue in their fashions this summer, and blue is a versatile color. Blue can be used to present looks as varied as nautical, military, preppy, classy, dressy, and carefree. It is even comfortable for some men who shun too much color.

Patterns are taking a couple of paths this year. On the one hand, time-honored camouflage is getting a remarkable new look; on the other hand, colorful patterns like paisley and floral are splashing across menswear in 2012.

Camouflage is not what it used to be. This summer, you’ll see camo in jackets, shirts, and even suits. It has taken on a subtle quality in dress clothes, but it’s still bold in jackets and shirts.

Paisley and floral are out in force this season, particularly tropical floral patterns. Pants and suits and covered in flowers, and paisley is finding its way off the necktie and onto shirts and even backpacks for men.

Get ready for a new twist on the neck tie in 2012. This classic men’s accessory is not the tight, neatly-tied adornment it used to be – this year, it’s taken on a looser, more creative, even more fun look. Today’s neck tie can be long or short, and crosses over into scarf territory. This summer, almost any strip of fabric a guy likes can be tied around his neck – from short bandanas to a silk scarf – for a trendy-yet-personalized look this summer.

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Kids’ Summer Fashions for 2012

Here we are in summer, and your child is getting ready to break out his or her summer clothes. It may be that all the summer clothes are outgrown, or just not fitting with your child’s taste and preferences. All the latest summer clothes are filling the shops, and, depending on the age of your child, he or she may have very specific preferences based on what he or she has seen in the windows. If you are not willing or able to spend money designer clothes, it’s perfectly acceptable to get ideas from the latest fashions and put together customized outfits with and for your kids.

What’s the latest trend in kids’ fashions? Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Colors
    As with adult fashions, fluorescent, bright, neon colors are in for kids. Somehow, though, the playful, energetic quality of electric colors fits children particularly well. Designers are putting bold, contrasting colors together in a way that’s reminiscent of the 1980s. Kids’ outfits might consist of a bright yellow shirt, electric green pants, and bright pink or blue shoes.

There are still pastels out there, and some designers are emphasizing them this year, too. Whites with pastel embroidery are in for girls in 2012.

  1. Patterns
    Look for checkered patterns for boys this year, and floral for girls. It’s trendy for girls to wear bright patterns and blank white, one on top and one on the bottom. In keeping with the contrasting color theme, boys might wear a green and black checked shirt with bright blue or red pants.
  2. Styles
    When it comes to kids’ fashions, simplicity is always appropriate. Kids like to move freely and play, so simple sundresses and tights for girls and tees and pants for boys with comfy shoes are never out of fashion. However, there are some trends this year toward particular design details.

Collars are in for boys and girls. Button-down shirts with collars look great over boys’ tees, and girls’ frocks and shirts are sporting collared necklines. Collared tee-shirts – a variation of the classic “polo shirt” – are in for boys.

-Skirts and Dresses
Girls’ skirts are colorful this year, especially with stripes. Longer lengths are back – not to the ankle, but definitely below the knees. Floral prints and bright solids are also in with girls’ skirts in 2012.

Solid colored shoes in bright hues are in for boys and girls. Sandals are timeless, but they are not as prominent his year. Flats for girls and lace-up sneakers for boys are trendy this summer.

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Hot Shoe Fashions for Summer

High, tall, strappy and colorful are all appropriate descriptions of 2012’s summer shoe fashions. And that’s not all – glitters, metal toes, and natural colors are in the mix as well. Even clear shoes are showing off this summer.

Metal Toes – Not Just for Work Boots Anymore
In the old days, metal toes on shoes meant they were work shoes. But now the trend toward metal toes is not for protection from injury; it’s to add a metallic sparkle to ordinary shoes, especially high heels. And the look of metal toes varies quite a bit, from studded and chunky to thin and pointy.

Platforms (Remember Those?)
The platform is back this summer! From super-mega to more modest heights, the platform look is coming back in dress shoes. You will even see platform sandals this summer.

High Laces
High-laced sandals are in for 2012. Laces and straps that go all the way up over the ankles are the look for the season. Look for gladiator sandals and laced-up mini boots.

Wedge Heels
Wedge heels were popular in 2011, too, but they are back this year in more muted colors. Wedge-heeled sandals with buckles, ties, and straps are 2012’s version of the classic wedge.

Pastels and Bright Colors
There’s a general trend toward pastels in 2012 footwear, but there are some bright colors popping out in mini boots, high heels, and strappy sandals. Some bright blues, reds, and greens are peeking out. The majority of the shoes for 2012, though, are in more muted, pastel colors.

Lace is popping up everywhere in 2012, and shoes are no exception. Lace is acting as an overall covering or as an edging or accent. Black, white, pink, and beige are the usual colors where lace is involved.

Yes, clear shoes are trending this season, from high heels to sandals to flats. The clear look was introduced in force in 2011, but it’s catching on more in 2012. This summer’s clear shoes are not necessarily all clear; you’ll often find that just parts of the shoe or sandal are clear. The clear elements are mingled with stripes, straps, and dramatic heels.

Beach Shoes
On the beach this year, it’s back to flip-flops. All kinds of flip-flop colors are making their appearance. But flip-flops aren’t the only beach shoe trends in 2012. There are also athletic shoes made of netting for walks or runs along the beach. Traditional running and walking shoes are featuring net this year as well, allowing more breathability in an athletic shoe.

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Accessorize in Style This Summer

Accessories can really shine in the summer, when you’re wearing less clothing and showing more skin. Summer accessories adorn your body and add personality to your outfit. Another advantage to wearing trendy accessories this summer is affordability – the right accessories can give old outfits an entirely new look, which is usually much less expensive than buying a whole new outfit.

So what’s in style this summer? Accessories for summer 2012 are all about fun and shine, and a little retro as well. Here are some of the up-and-coming accessory trends this summer.

  1. Clutch Purses
    Remember clutch purses from years ago? Your grandmother might have a collection of them! If she does, break them out for 2012 – they’re back in. And of course, you can find new clutches for purchase all over the place this year. And you’re likely to see suede in pastel colors, like the “preppy” colors of the 80s. Lace is also making an appearance on clutches. Some clutches are decorated with beads, studs, sequins, feathers, and other embellishments, so you’re sure to find one that will compliment your outfits.
  2. Tribal Jewelry
    The tribal look is in this year. Go for feather-shaped earrings and geometric designs. Natural materials such as feather-shaped clay, stone or wood beads are an earthy way to pull off this tribal look. Geometric pendants are also hot this summer. For a Southwestern look, go for turquois and silver.
  3. Bracelets
    You might be too young to remember how girls piled bracelets on their arms in the 80s, usually of the jelly plastic variety. While the jelly look is not coming back, the piled-on bracelets look is. Continuing the tribal theme, 2012’s bracelets are likely to trend toward materials like copper, silver, and ceramic beads and charms. Cuff bracelets are in, too. A timeless, natural look is also coming to the fore in the form of pearl jewelry. 2012 will see lots of pearl bracelets and other jewelry.
  4. Oversized Stones
    This year, oversized gems and pendants are not going anywhere. They are still trendy, but earth tones and natural hues characterize these bold, oversized pieces.
  5. Fashionable Sunglasses
    Funky is in this year. Sunglasses sporting frames in neon colors, with glittering rhinestones, or in fun shapes (like stars) are going to add some fun and funk to the summer. Buy a few pairs to go with several outfits!
  6. Ribbons and Cloth
    Summer 2012 is likely to include some textures and fabrics, especially ribbon and cloth as necklaces. Strips of cloth, ribbon, and other texture-intensive materials are going to be seen around the necks of 2012’s trendiest.
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Hook Story Offer

How to create the right hook that’ll make is so that selling becomes almost super easy.

On this episode Russell gives a condensed version of a training he did for Two Comma Club X, where he teaches about the hook, story and offer. Here are some of the things you will hear on today’s episode:

-Why it’s so important to have a hook that grabs people’s attention.

-What he used as the hook for his recently launched Book of Mormon Challenge Podcast.

-A few other examples of hooks people used to sell their own products, and why they were so effective.

Find out more here about hook story offer

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